A Letter to my 13-year-old self

I was tagged by Chiira so here goes.

Dear thirteen year old Savvy,

I know you are in class 8 now, even though you look 10 and love reading novels instead of studying. I can see you love your sleep, don’t worry, that’s not going to change. I don’t want to tell you more than you should know, lest you start altering stuff and you know the butterfly effect and all…oh you don’t? Am sure you’ll google that right away. Google? Oh..it’s a search engine. What’s a search engine? *Sigh*. You’ll know soon enough.

Boarding school has been tough, huh? At least now you can borrow the deputy his mobile phone and stand on that anthill for better reception and call your parents. The food in that school is bad, but high school will be much better, I assure you. You’ll curve up sooner or later.

Do not hide during the P.E. lessons and games time, it’s for your health, ha ha. We both see the joke in that….exercise is just not in you. Enjoy reading the novels anyway because you’re still going to ace that KCPE exam, and go to that school that wears all red that you want join. However, you might want to go slow on those Sweet Valley Universities and Mills n Boon. Harlequins are also included in that category…yes, even the cowboy ones. Or oh, well, you can read them this year but keep off them in high school. They’ll make you dream of your first kiss, not knowing it will come in 5 years!

See Mr. Nani? The ex-high school student teaching you math whom you are crushing on, don’t worry, you won’t see him again, so quit fantasizing about the future. Treasure your friends now, because you’ll be out of touch for many years to come.

Life is going to be full of ups and downs, mostly ups. So just sit back, and enjoy being a teenager.

(Very) Early 20’s Savvy.

P.S. In the spirit of tagging, here goes Soulfool (she’s new to blogging but heralds great promise), Wamathai and Shiko Msa


13 Responses

  1. oh yeah don’t sweat the small stuff. niliamka mafungulia ng’ombe nikademka dem dem, who ever says that? cram it but know it won’t help you.

    But maybe you need it for the exams part…

  2. Dear 13 year old savvy!
    I will happily cosign that you curved up very very nicely! 😀 And don’t listen to your older self read what ever you feel like! It’s good for you

    Not all reading is good for you….

  3. Good read 🙂


  4. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Wamathai , Savvy Kenya. Savvy Kenya said: New post: Letter to my 13-year-old self http://savvy.sikika.co.ke/?p=618 @soul_fool @wamathai @shiko_msa you are tagged. […]

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  5. Dear Savvy,
    Don’t struggle reading the topics that you don’t understand. Exams might not be set from them anyway.

  6. Ngatho, what a challenge! I’ll try & see if i can be upto it.

    I like the Mr. Nani part in yours btw 🙂

    I liked what you wrote…

  7. Hihi!

    So is there anaa Mr Nani?? 😀

    There was a Mr. Nani…I haven’t seen him since.

  8. the 13 year old me had ADD. he would have not sat to listen past the first three words, seems we have come a long way since!

    hard to believe you had ADD, you are so calm now 🙂

  9. The butterfly effect – I like your creativity.

    Thank you 🙂

  10. lovely.. jus lovely.. if only we knew then wat we know now..we would all be soo far ahead in life

    Maybe it’s better we didn’t know!

  11. haha Tuko wengi. The sweet valleys I wish they were our set books in high school…lol, we would’ve got A+ in English, I think i read all of them.
    And all those magazines…heee!

    haha the crush..ati he used to tutor you *cough*cough*

    cheers dear.

    Thanks! he wasn’t tutoring me personally, he was teaching the whole class but wasn’t he dream?

  12. Lol@ standing on an anthill for better reception!

  13. The 13 yr old you was not that bad a sweet valley university fan like most of us, and having a first crash that would never be, disliking PE, etc.
    “Google? Oh..it’s a search engine”…ha ha

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