Post World Cup Blues

I loved this poster

The World Cup tournament is a month long emotional roller coaster. Both for the football fans and the non-fans, because their regular programming of soaps was interrupted. Then maybe it wasn’t it, some TV channels just don’t know when to quit.

Anyway, after being thrice broken hearted by Ghana, Germany and Netherlands (and by the rest of the African teams), I have set my mind on the next world cup, which is in Brazil in 2014. You think that is far away? Not if I have to attend it, it’s not. I need to have made enough money to ensure am there live. I was chatting with someone on twitter and I put my ideas forward:

Idea one
It’s been done before, it’s called gold-digging. But if it’s the world cup trophy, I can consider it 😉 I’m talking about finding a rich man somewhere, age/nationality/race not an issue, who will finance my trip to Brazil. He should preferably not tag along, I intend to fully participate in those carnivals the Sambas have.

Idea two
Dealing. No, not gambling, but you know, dealing with drugs. This is sure one way to get rich and die quickly scheme. Hopefully, die after 2014. Now, any mafia guys reading this? My email is…you know my email. It’s on my blog somewhere.

Idea three
I get a ship headed for the outer seas…sneak inside with food and clothes all packed for three months journey to South America. Let’s hope am not thrown overboard but if in 2014 you hear of a beautiful dark-skinned girl found floating around in a Harambee Stars jersey (it’s what I’ll wear for the epic journey), you know who to suspect it may be.

Idea four
This was the tweep’s (guy I was chatting with on twitter) idea. He said we didn’t have to get killed to get to Brazil, even when I told him we have to take risks. It’s the World Cup we are talking about here.

He said he could arrange for a cow to predict the Netherlands win in the finals, then we could sell the cow for lots of money. Well, Netherlands lost so there goes our money.

Idea five

Run for parliament. This is one sure way to get paid a huge salary for doing nothing, and you only have to appear in parliament to vote for a motion to increase already the huge salary.


5 Responses

  1. I like idea 1,4 and 5! SO if you make enough cash can I tag along?

  2. Lol. I like the last two ideas also. I plan on goin to Brazil 2014 too, we should be roomies

  3. A stowaway wearing the Harambee Stars jersey…! Haha that’s the most crazy thing I’ve gotten from you.

  4. idea 5 rocks. u get elected then after 3 months the house suggests a pay hike which you all agree n brazil here we come….

  5. Idea five is the more feasible or rather easy since you are so famous and you’ll be voted into parliament without much fuss :).. I didn’t know you loved football that much.

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