The Kenyan Blogging Contest

This is the first contest this blog has entered; not that there have been many.

E-Gichomo is the organizer of the blogging contest, and the categories are as follows:

Art Award: Recognition and appreciation of poetry. Creativity, choice of words, originality and show of talent.

Beauty Award: Best layout, design, cool features, attractiveness and finest integration of themes and magnificence.

Action Award: Pursuit of ingenuity. Most interactive and frequent in content update.

Clearly, am in the action award, and take a minute of your time (or 30 seconds, click over here and vote for me.) I promise to share the prize, whatever it may be!!

The contest ends on 30th July, so make sure you vote
everyday (is it allowed to vote more than once? If not, please create multiple identities so you can vote many times!)

That being said, I promise you a juicy story on my blog next week, so be here to read. But only after you’ve voted.


2 Responses

  1. i’ve just done that. all the best..

  2. Voted! 🙂

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