The Rules of the Battle ~ Princess Project

Battles are won by slaughter and maneuver. The greater the general, the more he contributes in maneuver, the less he demands in slaughter. Winston Churchill

Sometimes, life feels like it is one looooong fight. A fight to survive. A fight to hold on to that job. A fight to stay in school. Sometimes, a fight to live through each day to its end. And at the heights of trouble and fear, that moment when you are at the very top, and the struggle is just about to end, that’s when you feel like you just cannot do it anymore.

It’s easier to give up. But most time clarity comes when we hold on just a little longer. This however, is not to mean that one should endure abusive and potentially dangerous situations just because there is a hope that things will get better. Take care of yourself, of your dignity, of your life. But be realistic, too. Nothing of value and virtue comes without a struggle.

What about Gabrielle? What choice will she make? To fight, or give in?

New Battles

Nana clicked rudely. “Mum takes you in, feeds you and houses you and this is how you repay her?” she asked with raised eyebrows. Ciiru tittered and Gaby stalked off to her room, lest she lost it completely and slit brained them all with a kitchen knife.

Brain them all. With a kitchen knife. The largest knife was actually in reach.

Gabrielle grabbed it, and with a maneuver she had once used on a boy who tried to kiss her with last night’s mnazi on his breath, turned Nana around and under her arm. She made a clean and swift cut around the coronal suture, blood spurt out. Aunty and Ciru screamed in horror. Gaby reached into the gore, to extract the brain with her hands. Read the rest

And this week, we stopped in Venus courtesy of Stella Riunga’s review of Sarah Dunant’s The Birth of Venus.

If you hover over the tab titled The Queen Stories, your will see pieces about wonderful and strong and talented Kenyan women. Sylvia, Kate, Kathy, Pauline, Lynda, Cindy, Anne, Mkok and Margaret. There will be more! Because there are so many more women that we love who inspire us every day. Perhaps you can nominate someone you know for an interview of appreciation.

Stop at What a Girl’s got to know and read The Potrait by Juliet Maruru. Stay to comment and discuss this question. How much does the ‘african’ view of sexuality affect the rate of the spread of HIV/AIDS?

Do you have something to tell the Princess out there? We welcome Mzee Articles: Pieces on personal experience overcoming trial or going through the staircase of life. We would also welcome Girl Royal Articles: How to and Skills from a personal perspective. Please drop us a line at


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