Exams and Down Memory Lane

It’s been a while since I wrote a post on anything personal. I’m currently doing exams so that status quo may not change soon, maybe after next week.

Anyway, in-between studying a little gossiping here and there, my pal asked me if I had ever written about J. J is er..the guy I used to like back in the day. I think I wrote about him here. I still like him, there is always the could’ve been between us, and am happy with it just being there unexplored.

So when I answered yeah, I wrote about him that time, turns out they hadn’t really broken up with his ex. She went, printed out the post, and read it to her friends and then told him about it. That was like 2 years ago. The things we write about when we’re young 😉

I didn’t know my posts could cause that much drama. So now am wondering if she’ll print this and talk some more.


One Response

  1. hahaha glad 2 noe jkuat still hasnt changed,ud think guyz stopped mixing those punch drinks and throwing house parties.

    some things never change…

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