The Princess Project ~Arranging Your Bags of Gold

Everybody wants money. All of us want to have financial security and some of us have this need for exaggerated wealth. That is why from the moment we reach the age of majority we start thinking about the future and how we can make it sunny by earning money, investing it and saving it as well. This week the Marvin Tumbo, an economics wizard, gives us some insight on financial planning and the importance of getting the right information from the right people.

Financial Industry Blogging

I would like to see a Kenyan blog on unit trusts, on hedge funding, on futures and options, on mortgage financing and how not to buy a house on a road reserve, on banking in general, on the NSE and CMA, on financial ethics, on insurance – all types of insurance, on financial advice, on how-to’s like how to choose one bank over another based on your financial needs and how to make online transactions safely etc. A blog taking apart the accounts being ran by the various banks – the charges, hidden charges, benefits, loopholes etc, basically, a blog on everything finance – from simple to complex concepts. Read the rest here.

This week the book review is on A Durable Fire by Barbara and Stephanie Keating. The book tells a very interesting story of loss, revenge and love that reminds me of Gaby’s story in the Creekside Series. The review by Stella Riunga gives a thorough insight on the book that you would not want to miss out on.

Don’t forget to check out Poetic Wednesday on Poetic License and comment and vote for your favorite poem.

Webisode 7 of Creekside Princess- The Big City will be ready for you next week and Gaby will be playing detective after the fiasco that harassed her in A Mystery.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a superb weekend.

Do you have something to tell the Princess out there? We welcome Mzee Articles: Pieces on personal experience overcoming trial or going through the staircase of life. We would also welcome Girl Royal Articles: How to and Skills from a personal perspective. Please drop us a line at


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