Interesting Hostel


Sample the comments this picture generated on FB:

hey were houses 4real??? said it were 4water tanks

That building always makes me LOL!

I rem we were laughn ati who will ever live there, shame on us

they shld put a slab across the road for passers by to sit as they laugh.

David Lelo twin towers… without the twin though.

Funny,also neva thot anybody cn live thea.

no wonder I told Mwax most probably ni place ya water tanks

Gerald Ratemo Evry1 livs on his own floor….they deal in floor no. nt room no.

who owns the pent house?

Wow. Imagine having a whole floor to urself?


11 Responses

  1. Reminds me of that movie by the title hostel. Creepy stuff. Which part of Kenya is it?

    It’s in Juja

  2. lmao.. Where is this? who built tht n who lives there. Kenyanz are crazie

    it’s in Juja and it’s a hostel for some JKUAT students

  3. lol……. haha its in JKUAT i’ve ever spent the night in one of the floors Haha

    which floor?

  4. why lie this is where houses are headed with the rate of conjestion in this city!!

    conservation of our environment nini nini

  5. I would say photoshop but another photo from a different angle would dis-approve of that.

    Next time you’re in Juja, call me, I’ll show you

  6. Only in Juja.

    We’re special, very.

  7. As someone said… ‘You can See Vision 2030 from the ‘pent’ House’ He heee…

    I’m going to try it. Been trying to see this vision for ages

  8. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mung'ei, comark onani, sasivarali, Chiira Maina, Savvy Kenya and others. Savvy Kenya said: Trust me, you want to see this hostel […]

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  9. So , after a weekend of drinking, how does the owner of the penthouse get to their pad?

    Those stairs do look tracherous!

  10. LMAOEST!!

    gai ata siwezi fikiria kuishi hapo!

    I see nothing wrong with it.

  11. That is one tiny ass wierd looking building

    Interesting too..

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