The Internet Is Weird II

The first post on internet weird-ism can be found here. Read it people, you’ll miss a lot because these two posts are connected. Or not. You decide after reading.





So am sure you have received lots of mail from all kinds of Asian, South American guys/girls proposing to you. Occasionally some randy Italians. You Spam them immediately. You have also received mail from Nigerians telling you how you’ve won a lottery; or from Kenyans in US/UK telling you of a lucrative business opportunity and asking you to email back your bank details. These emails you ** just in case they may be true.

This particular email though, I have a good feeling about it. Very good feeling. Am thinking of replying. I’ll be sharing the thread with you. I know you are in it as much as I am. Let’s await the picture.

Hello Dear,
My name is Miss Syda,i am honest and good looking girl,
I just come across your email id on google kenya which looks nice to me and i am interested to have a good relationship with you. I will like to tell you more about me and send some of my pictures to you as soon as you reply my letter to my private email, i will be waiting for your mail.
Yours Sincerely Syda.

Ms Syda sounds like a keeper. She sounds like Miss Venezuela looking for a rich Kenyan so I’ll play along.


2 Responses

  1. tehehehe….
    you’re so oozing positivity. damn miss syda is hot! and here i was thinking ati i was special, i was the only one she was emailing. lo!
    hehehe 🙂
    maybe she only emails hot people 😉

    I think the last part is true. Hot people email each other all the time.

  2. Miss Syda emailed me too, she was interested particularly in me. I just love Miss Syda 🙂

    hope you two grow old together.

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