Weird Monday

I have had a weird day. I haven’t been in control of it, everything I had planned to do, I haven’t. it all started on Friday, really. I got this weird call:

“Hi Savvy. Are in campus?” It was a lecture-ish voice so I switched to my official voice and wondered aloud that we had no class.

“Can I talk to you in person?” I wondered aloud again if I could give him the assistant class representative’s number because I wasn’t in campus.

“No, I want to see you in person.” So I agreed to look for him on Monday when I’d be back.

I forgot about it until today afternoon on my way to the hospital. I’m having one bad cold, the kind that gives me nosebleed, just in case you are wondering. Which you are. Anyway, I decide to give him a call and he says he’s in the staff quarters; he’s on leave so we can’t meet in his office.

That’s very very weird. I tell him I can’t come to his house but am on my way to the hospital. He says fine, let’s meet there.

He does look like a lecturer, but he’s not. He’s an accountant and he’s with a fellow accountant and they both work at the university. So we all introduce ourselves and begin small talk and am like, could you all please get to the point!!!!! I need to make it the hospital before queues get much longer. Other campus workers are passing by and saying hi, hello, etc and we are still there talking about our counties and districts.

The other accountant excuses himself and leaves to go back to work. He tells me he wishes he’d met me earlier because he knows am a bright girl, he did ask my high school and my grade during small talk. So am left with Lecturer 2. That’s how I have saved his number in my phone because I already have a Lecturer in my phone whose name I don’t know. Lecturer 2 asks me to accompany me to his house so he can tell me why he called me in the first place. You can imagine I have never met him before, never heard of him, and just like that am to go to his house.

So I ask him to tell me what he has to tell me there and then and look into his eyes and ask, “What are your intentions?” and he says he has no bad intentions and he’ll explain it all in his house. I have to make a quick decision, and I decide this guy is probably married with kids and university workers seem to know him and I had told my friend @boosywoosy I was going to meet this lecturer and I know some karate and ‘mtu hakatai wito, hukataa aitiwalo’ and told him, “lead the way.”

And that is how I met the Patron of our SDA group! He must think am a very suspicious girl. Imagine me asking him what are his intentions. He tells me his name is David Samson (not his real name) and asks me if I’ve heard of him before. I haven’t been to church at all this year. And about twice last year. Things are bad, I tell you. My faith went with the wind at some point in my campus life.

We reach his house; all the while am looking around and seeing lots of people and kids playing around and I knew I had been mistaken if I had thought he had ill intentions. Now my thoughts shifted to his good intentions, what does he want?

The smell of fish hangs heavy in the air and he apologizes as I make myself comfortable in the dining/sitting room. His sister and another lady I assume is the house help are up and about, like shadows in the wall.

David Samson aka Lecturer 1 takes his sweet time getting to the point. Come to think of it, I still don’t know his point. He talks about his family, asks me about mine, talks about how the SDA group of students is mostly disciplined (at this point I wondered if I had a disciplinary case that had been forwarded to him, but I know I don’t and he doesn’t mention it.) He talks about the alumni, all the while am nodding and uh-huh-ing and coughing in the right places. He talks about opportunities to study abroad and scholarships and sponsors he could hook students up with. He says of course, this is in no way tied with whether you come to church or not, but I don’t believe him. Is he ‘blackmailing’ me back to church with the promise of a scholarship for my graduate studies? I wonder.

He asks me why I stopped coming to church and I say it’s because I go home during weekends and that is where I go to church and he wonders which church is more interesting, the one mixed with kids, the youth and the old, or the one made of just youth?

I drift in and out the monologue and think about how I will write this post. Finally, things seem to be coming to an end when he stands up to get cups. There are thermoses and flasks and jugs on the table and he picks one and pours me cold uji. It was either that or tea and I didn’t want soya tea; SDA’s are advised not to take tea or coffee, the caffeine you see. I sip as we talk some more and I wonder why me? I still don’t get it. His kids come home from school and it’s a beautiful family picture, they clearly love their dad. His wife also works here and she has the family car and will come later. Meanwhile, he asks me what I can do for the SDA group, since am leaving in December.

He says he knows I can prepare a good topic and deliver it well to the rest of the students. Inspire them, sort of. He asks me to choose a day, midweek service on Wednesday, Friday night vespers or Saturday, during the Sabbath. The Sabbath is a lot of responsibility so I pick Friday October the 29th to give my talk. Read to preach. He says he’ll be there and jots the date down in his notebook.

What’s this all about? I still don’t get it. He makes me promise to come for vespers every Friday night and to be attending church in campus on Saturdays, and if I must go home, then I could go after the Sabbath.
Finally, his wife walks in and she’s all genuine smiles and I evade a supper invitation but just for tonight. This Saturday after church, I’ll be their dinner guest. Seems like my weekend plans will have to change: go out on Friday evening, go home Saturday and back to campus on Sunday. Damn, the Harambee Stars vs Ugandan Cranes game is this Saturday. What to do, what to do?

I hate to disappoint the patron. At the end of the evening, he had given the cough remedy: garlic and lemons and ginger and all that concoction. He then drove me back to right outside my hostel with his kids accompanying us and said I’m welcome on Saturday.

I just don’t know how to deal with this. Religious fanatics are easy to dismiss, but a genuine Christian who acts like one?

Oh, and on the way back, the other accountant I had met told me to see him in his office tomorrow. I wonder what that is about.


23 Responses

  1. Damn its free flowing. I was expecting real ‘bad intentions’ guess im wrong. But its an extreme good story.

    Imagine I was there asking the patron of our church: “what are your intentions?”

  2. Savvy… I always say I love your work and the above story, free flowing and exceptionally well written says it all!…. This is possibly my favorite reads from you!

    Thank you Ray. Maybe because I wrote it fresh from the meeting. It’s the first thing I did.

  3. I feel you. Haven’t been to church in…let’s just say ‘a while’. Honestly, I don’t know what to recommend! Do what feels right.

    I’ve already decided I’ll go to church in the morning and attend the match in the afternoon.

  4. This is a very well written blog post. You maintain just the right amount of suspense up to the very end. It’s the stuff page turners are made of.

  5. You were fixed by the Leader, can you wriggle yourself out…..! And will the accountant need you to fill in some ledger books after the Leader’s recommendation….? Food for thought.

    I think someone fixed me, and I have an idea who. I’ll find a way out, I always do.

  6. why do i stl feel there is sumthin stl brewing beneath th “church stuff”?? i hear SDAs luk 4 SDA hookups….ama hs frnd is lukin 4 potential??? al in all wld luv to kno where ths ends…

    I wonder if am being hooked up, lol. We’ll see.

  7. 20 days to 29th October, better be preparing something that may “inspire” the students.

    working on it. Not sure what I’ll talk about yet.

  8. When you come up with the draft of what you will present please do let us have a look. Since all eyes are on you I bet you must be watching you tracks and remaining very pious in campus? LOL

    I’ve been trying! I watch every step I take now, I know someone is watching me

  9. ..such a delightful read.. Narratives, poetry and now preaching.. Cant wait to see your work on the latter..

    I should invite you guys to listen to my sermon

  10. church on saturday? I’ll never get it. Then again i’m buddhist 🙂

    The original day of the Sabbath was Saturday, FYI.

  11. This story is not over yet, there definitely something still brewing up… like, from whom did he get your number?

    He mumbo jumboed his way out of it! But it ain’t over yet so we’ll see.

  12. Loved it. 🙂

    thanks. Don’t know how it will end though.

  13. Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your
    post to my blog?

    of course you may. as long as you say am the original author, that’s ok with me.

  14. […] now disappointed a number of people. One of them being the patron of the SDA group. See, I had a supper invitation to his house on the day Ugandan cranes were playing the Harambee Stars and tickets were already […]

  15. Well written post (even though I am reading this almost a year later)…thanks for sharing!

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