The Nairobi Toastmasters Club

A member of the club

The toastmasters club is basically a place to improve your spoken language. You learn to give speeches, and there are levels of speeches you will give throughout your membership. You will be evaluated and promoted to the next level after every speech you give so you have to prepare well.

Of course I did not know all these when I was invited by StartupKenya on twitter. He told me he’d love to have me as a guest in one of the meetings. He told me about Nairobi Toastmasters club which meets twice a month at lunch time. The meetings usually take place at the United Kenya Club on Mondays.

I agreed to attend even before I knew what it was about. He told me the theme of the meeting was ‘My Technology’ and I’d be the topics master for the day. There are many roles one can have during the meeting, one of the toastmaster, who’s the emcee in simpler terms. Startupkenya was the toastmaster and I the topics master.

What was my role about? Well, I was to prepare topics about technology which I’d ask the members to give a 2 minute speech on. Like I ask you to speak briefly on how the computer has changed your life, what you think of the mobile phone, and members can be picked randomly to answer the questions.

Thus I sat down Sunday night, on the eve of the meeting, googling and trying to adapt the questions to something we can all relate to. I sent these to Startupkenya and he approved, said they were good questions. Anyway, Monday lunchtime found me at the United Kenya Club, participating in a most interesting session.

The meeting started with the chairman opening the meeting and conducting some club business, after which the toastmaster was invited to take over the meeting. Some members who were being evaluated gave their speeches, one gave their first ever speech called The Ice Braker. I must admit, the grammar and punctuation, and construction of sentences and use of metaphors and description was on top.

After which I was invited to ask members questions, and these are some of them:

“You have found the love of your life on an internet dating site. Tell your mother how the first date went.”

“You are the love who’s been found. Tell us how it went down.”

“you have landed in a village where you they have never seen a mobile phone. Describe it to them.”

You get the gist of the questions.

Of course I had to introduce myself and explain a little about twitter, and it was encouraging to see that about a third of them were tweeps.
Though they may not have heard of me 🙂

I’d love to be a member of the Toastmasters Nairobi. Will definitely help with those CEO speeches I’ll be making in the future. Plus it’s a great opportunity to network.

More information can be found here: (toastmasters website) and here.

Also, follow startupkenya and nairobitm on twitter.


14 Responses

  1. Glad you enjoyed the session. We enjoyed having you as a guest role taker and hope you will be able to join our club soon.

    If you’d like to get to see all the 4 clubs of toastmasters in action, a once in a blue moon chance exists as we hold our annual toastmasters inter club debate on Nov 3rd. You can check out!/event.php?eid=161469937217799&index=1 for more details.

    thanks for inviting me, and thanks for the info. Hope I can join next year.

  2. It sounds really interesting. I always have all sorts of insects in my stomach when I’m to address people. I’ve however learnt to hide my discomfort. Last month I had to train some District Water Officers and MDs for several water companies and I was the only girl in the workshop! About fifty men, two women and one girl(me)!!!!!

    wow, you must be a high achieving engineer then! Let me know when you plan to join so we can start together

    • How I wish! 😀 I’ll let you know.

      sawa, we’ll panga somehow.

    • How I wish! I’ll let you know.

    • you guys aren’t as huge as you might like to sound.. is send you an email yesterday and no one from nairobi toastmaster club has replied.. i dont why you havent replied.. anyways, the thing is i want to join.. tell me everything about it.. all details.. just email me.. il come for the next meeting you guys will be having..

      • Sorry for the long wait. Which sounds like just a day!

        Anyway, I have forwarded your complaint to the current guy in charge and he should email you details soon enough. If he doesn’t I will find out and personally get back to you.

        Hope you’ll be able to attend.

  3. Sounds very interesting 🙂

    I should invite you one of these fine days.

  4. Had to look for that speech, but still didnt appear in my mail! Interesting insight on TM Kenya.

    I’m so sorry I never got to send it to you.

  5. Great club, do you have a branch/club in Eldoret? I would like to join

  6. This sounds very interesting…I personally envy those who can just stand up and talk to a crowd. Well done!

  7. Hey my problem is that i get very nervous when I have to address a crowd can this club help

  8. alert(“XSS Test”)

  9. I have heard about the club but i have not managed to attend any session. what is required of me to be a member?

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