Remember that time I had a weird Monday?

I’m sure I’ve now disappointed a number of people. One of them being the patron of the SDA group. See, I had a supper invitation to his house on the day Ugandan cranes were playing the Harambee Stars and tickets were already bought. I attended church for the first time this year that Saturday 9th October and left just before the main preaching could start so I could make it to the match in time. I made it in time, finding the teams warming up on the field before going to the changing rooms to change into their official kits.

Holy Bible

I texted David Samson (the patron, not his real name) and told him I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for supper, I’d already left school and to thank his wife for me. He replied, asking me if I had attended Friday night vespers. I told him I hadn’t. He asked me, why? Where was I? And I felt I owed him no explanation. So I did not text back. Part of the reason I prefer to live in campus hostels even if home is like 20min away is because of this freedom thing. You just don’t want to be explaining to anyone what/where/with who/why you are doing, whatever it is you are doing.

He called me the following weekend but I had left for home so we were to meet when I came back so we could talk some more. He didn’t call me until the Friday 22nd of October, asking me where I was. Had I been honest, I’d have told him I had just finished getting my tattoo at a parlour in Westlands. I told him I was at home and would be coming back to school on Sunday and he said we really do need to meet and talk. I remember that particular night too, because it was on the same night that my one-month-long relationship ended. Okay, one month is too short to be a relationship but whatever it was ended then. Details withheld.

I’ve disappointed some tweeps too, who wanted to know how my talk on the 29th would go. I was to do the ‘preaching’ for the Friday vespers. However, my spirit just wasn’t in it. You know when you’re forced to do something you don’t really want to do? Not with a gun to your head but with compelling words. Or did I just escape my responsibility? Is this what responsibility is about, doing what you gotta do?

Anyway, on the said 29th day of October, I lost a new Nokia C3 (review coming later) I had just had for about six days. At the time David Samson was calling me asking me where I was, at the same time I was supposed to have finished my preaching, I was in a matatu headed to town to rave; celebrate a friend’s birthday. As usual, I said I had gone home and as usual, he said he’d call me we talk when I get back to school.

So someone pick pocketed me the phone at a club in Westlands, and thus I pause a little in my tweeting career. (I’m a career tweep, but I moonlight as a student some days.)

I’m sure David Samson has been calling me and finding me ‘mteja’. He probably thinks am avoiding him.

FYI, I did have a sermon in mind. Coming from Ecclesiastes, chapter 9: 10-15 (thereof). Maybe I’ll still preach.


4 Responses

  1. the phone part had to be like the worst, sorry girl.

    I felt so bad that night but am alright now.

  2. Westy Gosh i lost a phone in Red Tape not me solo around 4 guys and 1 chille,

    I hear Red tape is not a good place for phones. Plenty of people telling me they lost their phones there too.

  3. Hehe…. I hate being told what to do too. And sorry about your phone.

    I’ll recover from the phone saga, haven’t even replaced my line yet. About someone trying to control my life…am no longer a kid. Or their kid. At least if it was my parents, I’d owe them some explanation

  4. Sorry about your phone- know how it feels lost 2 this year. Your story reminds mw of Jonah who refused to preach and decided to go on a voyage but he ended up coming back to do his duty. I could be wrong but God could be telling you something. Happy preaching 🙂

    Maybe God is trying to tell me something…who knows? We’ll just see how it goes.

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