Where is that campus-to-do list again?

It’s time I updated you on my progress. I still have around one and half months more of campus, so if there is anything left, there may still be time. Let’s see what I’ve done of recent.

I got a tattoo

I tore down papers from the notice board and climbed the water tank at Studiz. I wasn’t drunk when I was doing this, au contraire mon ami. I had just had a few shots of vodka and smoked some tobacco and something else. Just a little. So I did both of these on the same night. I was with my friends when we relieved the notice board of its burden, just for once we wanted to be young again. To do something silly because we can.

Now as for climbing the (I think 30m high) tank, the only thought in my mind as I gripped the ladder was, I hope to God I don’t slip and fall. So I climbed ever so slowly and ever so carefully, and when I got to the top, the view was well worth it. It was at night, and you could see for miles on all round.

The campus was looking beautifully lit during the night, and I shouted to one of my friends who was waiting for me at the bottom: “It’s breathtaking. It’s so beautiful up here.” And so encouraged, he joined me up at the base of the tank and it was a beautiful moment, and for a time, we were flying, we were superheroes with the wind beneath our wings.

Ever so carefully, we made our way down and I ticked one more thing off my list. However, there were no pictures because my phone couldn’t take photos at night, and some moments just can’t be captured on camera, you know? If you have a fear of heights though, this may not have been your cuppatea.

Towards the end of the month, (24th of November to be precise) we are going to coast for a final class trip. It’s going to be so much fun, because we are almost under pressure. We have so much to do: a very demanding project and the usual course work of 7 other units, so this break will be good for us. It’s supposed to be an educational trip, but it’s going to be beach time during the day and club time at night. Will keep you updated.


6 Responses

  1. interesting. and when do you return to Kla.
    I’ll take u skinny dipping and bungee jumping. Those 2 shall make u wet your parts. So exhilirating…….

    am coming in Jan, can it be arranged that soon? 😀

    • Bungee jumping and skinny dipping. I’d love that. Give me more info email me at parapalicha@gmail.com
      At savvy. I’m just form coast with a team from starth. Raundi Mwenda plz plz plz plz go to Full Moon. Its one of the best clubs in Africa. No Nairobi club can be compared to that. They got a facebook page you can check out for events. Its on your way to Mtwapa. Almost in the middle of Msa and Mtwapa. Theaz literally everything from sheesha to shots. You won’t reget. Thank me later

      Alright, when am ready I’ll holla at you. Full Moon is now bookmarked.

  2. Have not been here in a while and you almost committed suicide. How could you do that alone? Call me next time!
    I am in Kampala & will be waiting….

    Kale, when am there I shall look for ya! Mid Jan next year.

  3. im finally getting around to reading this post. I think i was among the first people to see that tatoo- in the flesh.. pun??
    Personally i wouldn’t get one, the thought of the pain and the healing process… scares me enough.
    Wat next savvy??

    next? hmm….lemme think about it. definitely something shocking 😀

  4. Nice tattoo.. Wondering which body part bore the pain:) admire your committment to the list.. Btw, I’m planning to bungee somewhere in sagana this coming weekend, shall i relate the experience (assuming i summon enough guts)?

    did you go for bungee jumping?

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