Nairobi, 10 November 2010: Lifestyle brands retailer, Deacons Kenya Limited, has partnered with high schools in a breast health awareness initiative that is poised to change the lives of young girls in Kenya.

Training the Trainer - Edwinah Combar of Woolworths Village Market teaching a student at Kenya High School how to go about reading the Bra Measuring Chart

The campaign, since July last year, has enabled the company reach out to over 2,500 girls in an enlightening breast-health initiative that has so far covered four city schools in the last one year.

Deacons Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Muchiri Wahome says the company has invested over KShs 1 million in the last one year seeking to educate school girls and to boost awareness of their breast health at an early age.

“Our focus is on a relevant, untapped and vulnerable age group made up of young girls between 14-19 years. We realized that this age group had been left out when various campaigns based on breast health and care especially because these initiatives are normally targeted at an older female audience. Most students are also in school when these activities are taking place and that’s why we decided to take this initiative through school visits,” said Mr. Muchiri.

Mr. Muchiri said Deacons intends to extend the campaign reach to 6 schools beginning January to December next year with the hope of netting a larger number of schools in future. The initiative is helping girls to understand various aspects of breast health awareness including knowledge on their correct bra sizes, how to detect signs of breast cancer and how to seek medical attention if any signs are detected. One in nine Kenyan women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually, health experts say.

In order to offer breast care and prevention knowledge from a medical perspective, Deacons is in partnership with the Nairobi Women’s Hospital who accompany the corporate on all the school visits imparting knowledge and spreading breast health awareness. Media personalities and motivational speakers also join the team and address issues of self esteem to the students.

Health researchers say 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra, indicating a low breast health awareness level. Still, in addition, there is low awareness on breast cancer detection and treatment.

“This should be boosted because health experts say early detection of breast cancer improves survival chances of breast cancer. The experience at these various schools has been phenomenal since most of the students are unaware of the importance of wearing the right size bra.

We have had the opportunity to do free bra measuring for the students, and in addition to that trained the class monitors so that the service can reach all the students – and this is greatly helping to shape these young women look at their breast health more seriously,” said Olive Gathinji, Marketing and Communications Manager.

In the first year of inception of the Deacons breast health initiative – July 2009 up to August 2010 – Deacons has reached out mainly to girls’ high school in Nairobi such as Buru Buru Girls High School, St. Georges Girls Secondary School, State House Girls High School and Kenya High School.


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  2. This is amazing work!

    reaching out to some young girls

  3. That some great work they are doing right there. Nice piece

    they’re trying, yeah.

  4. Wow i had thought of proposing the idea but am glad it has already been put into practise:~)

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