The Highs and Lows of My Life in Campus

The highs:

First day in campus- definitely a life changing moment. I was so excited to be joining campus, though the queues to register and what not were the longest I’d ever seen. Campus meant new relationships, another chance to shine academically, the pursuit of computer studies, fashion etc. campus was everything.

Numerous crushes. I think I lead the list of the highest number of boys I have crushed on. And when they responded I was the happiest. At least for the week or two that it lasted.

Babaroa announcement in 2008. Babaroa is the award for being top of the class for your course. What do you know, working hard actually pays off. I was a diligent student in the first year and was rewarded with a trophy, certificate and 10K in cash. I bought a phone, Nokla 95, which was stolen from my room about a year later. Sadly, Babaroa has eluded me in subsequent years. Blame it on my competitive class.

Nokla N95

Writing/blogging contract- this came in June 2009. I signed a contract that would pay me about 10K thereof per month, and they used to delay payment, so after three or so months, you got yourself a nice fat cheque. For a student, 30k or more of your own cash, awesome. Sadly, it was not renewed come June this year.

Hanging out with my friends. One night in particular stands out, sometime when we were in third year. It’s my first ever twitpic.

My crew

The class trip to coast in third year. Our trips are purely un-academic.

Traveling to Uganda in September this year. I just packed my bags, called my ex-high schoolmate over there and off I went. I used my own hard-earned cash 🙂

Internal attachment (internship in campus) at the beginning of 2009. It was the most idle time of my life. I watched so many movies and series.

The day I bought Z (sometime in 2009). Z is my laptop.


The day my blog got a mention in Zuqka.

Getting a place for internship at the beginning of this year was not hard. In fact, I had two offers and I chose the better one. Turns out everyone else who was interning there knew somebody, but my papers spoke for me.

And now I have two job offers out of .ke, of course am yet to do even do my exams, let alone graduate. Decisions, decisions, don’t know which job to take. Hope I make the right choice.

The lows:

Having this fight in third year. I still bear the scars 😦

Soon after, somebody stole my Nokla and wallet. They didn’t just take the cash, they took the wallet and all my IDs, school, national, ATM card etc. I had to struggle to replace them. And I know it’s those chicks in the next room who took my stuff. Am watching you, if you’re reading this.

Every year, whenever the Babaroa list is out, and everyone is making comments like “Savvy, am sure you’re getting it again” and I just wish I’d never got it in the first place so guys don’t have to remind me every time of my earlier successful days 🙂

I’ve ever had a bad experience with Naps. First and last time to take it. Enough said.

Had a disastrous last day at work during my internship (Jan-April 2010). Almost got in the middle of some office politics, ended up not going home that night and got lectured the following day by my dad. He said stuff like, “if you want to get married, just tell us. You’re an adult now.” I’d never felt more of a kid.

Also during internship, I met a tweep who borrowed me my savings, to invest or so, I was stupid and all yeah. Anyway, it was hell getting it back but after a long struggle bravely borne, he finally MPESAd me the cash and I erased him from my phonebook. So long, sucker.

During internship yet again, I went to Naivasha for a weekend, and on my way back, my wallet was nicked by a pickpocket. I had to start replacing IDs and ATM cards all over again.

Last month, I’d just had a new Nokia C3 for about six days when yet again I was pick pocketed.

And so many more, the good and the bad, these are just but a few highlights of my adventurous life in JKUAT.


14 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Savvy Kenya and jimmy sikolia, Top Kenyan Blogs. Top Kenyan Blogs said: The Highs and Lows of My Life in Campus: The highs: First day in campus- definitely a life chang… via @savvykenya […]

  2. Regardless of the good and bad loved your summary of campus life. 🙂

    thanks. it’s been quite a journey

  3. I love this post! Hopefully I’ll be able to have as much fun and adventure in my campus life…

    will be reading about yours and re-living my campus days.

  4. Sorry about the misfortunes. I believe campus life is the best you’ll ever have in a long time. Cherish the memories. 🙂

    I will cherish the memories I have

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    I found your entry interesting thus I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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  6. thanks for sharing the engaging campus tales

    and sadly, it’s time to leave.

  7. Hehe! Maisha yako inakaa advencha musuli!

    Hiyo tu! XD

    it’s been awesome, now looking forward to the next phase of life.

  8. The Lows :You 4 got bout the fake 200/= & The Cop.

    The Highs: Your special friend who was there for you when the Cop was harassing you.

    Yaani it seems you have been making good cash in Campus than most employed people.

    Your Dad said ” Ukuru ureda kuhika utwire tene we mundu mugima ” I presume.

    I love this post esp the mono part.

    my dad gives lectures in English, and he knows no word of Kikuyu, I presume.

  9. Great work.Keep the fire burning.


  10. I laughed at that part your dad said, “if you want to get married just tell us…”
    Story of my life!
    And oh, YWP didn’t get a mention, hehe…

    aki imagine I forgot! But YWP is also a major highlight this year. will do a special post on it.

  11. it’s wonderful that the good always trumps the bad… and drama in our lives always keeps it interesting.

    hoping it’s always that way…good triumphs bad.

  12. From one jkuat alumni to another soon to be. Enjoy the ride. It’s great, its beautiful and you’ll miss it like hell. Remembering it makes me want to shed a tear.

    ps: every one worth their salt there has a horrific NAPS experience 🙂

    if you’ve been to campus and didn’t have a NAPS experience, you miss an important part of growing up

  13. if u”ve been to campus and have no naps experience you miss the important part of growing up….that is a fact..i second it

  14. if u”ve been to campus and have no naps experience you miss the important part of growing up….that is a fact..i second it.

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