I had another weird day

So you are forced into this awkward unexpected hug when all you did was stretch out your hand. Then to make matters worse, the person wants to hug you on the other side too. And when you pull yourself away as quickly as possible, you find the said person is still holding onto you, and does he want to lean down and kiss you? Arrgh, you put much more effort in pulling yourself away and say your goodbyes.

It happened to me.

Remember the Patron of our church story? Well, let me refresh your memories. He called me requesting for a meeting, asking me to go to his house and talk. I didn’t know who he was then, so I was asking him what his intentions were. How did he get my number? When I eventually agreed to talk to him, he never got to the point. He just talked on and on about everything in general and nothing in specific. We talked about our families, the church, the student body, politics, university issues, education, discipline issues, the weather, counties. Rather, he talked I drank cold uji. Then his wife invited me for supper, which I’ve never made an appearance.

Anyway, in short he was asking me why I haven’t been active in church of late etc and made me promise to be going every Saturday. That was like almost two months ago.

I did go back to church. Once. The first time this year. Then I sort of went MIA. I lost my phone soon after and it took me a while to replace my Safaricom SIM card so if he was following up on me, I wouldn’t know. When I finally replaced my SIM, he was one of the first people to call me on it.

Recently, we had a finalist dinner with the VC (on the 19th of November) and he called me then requesting another meeting. I agreed to meet him after the dinner, but afterwards, I just wanted to hang out with my pals so I cancelled the meeting. The following week, we went for our annual (unacademic) class trip to coast so I told him I’d meet him when we got back. Eventually, we did meet on this past Tuesday night, around 7pm.

This is an exam week and I have a paper tomorrow (Friday 3rd December) so I told him we couldn’t talk for long. We sat by some bench at the graduation square and watched students walk to and from the library. He asked the general usual stuff: how have you been? Any problems? How are your studies going? Do you think you’ll get a first class? How was coast? Did you enjoy yourself? (I digress here to tell you I utterly enjoyed myself. That blogpost is coming up soon. Again, something very exciting about playing with fire. When I was down in coast. That’s a story for another day though.)

As usual, there was no point to this talk. He asked me why I don’t go to church anymore, and I told him it’s a faith thing. It’s not just our denomination, as he was thinking I’d moved to a modern flashy church or something. It’s the whole Christianity thing. He asked me if it had anything to do with a relationship. Excuse me, relationship? Yeah, he said he’d heard of students who break up with their sweethearts and then leave church because of that. I laughed and said I’ve never actually been in a relationship in JKUAT. He said that’s good news.

So I told him am making a clean start next year, I’ll be attending church as from 1st January of 2011. He said that’s good news. Etc etc.

So after talking for about an hour, it was now a few minutes past 8pm, it was time to part. He was going in one direction, and I in the opposite direction, but he asked me to ‘stretch my legs’ a little in the direction he was going. I saw no harm in that and walked with him towards the university hospital road, and there were many people walking around. When we reached the hospital, I told him I can’t go any further, I had a lot of studying to do. He said alright, be a good a girl. You’re very special and very bright and you’ll go far if you keep up and if you get a first class you should come back to the university and teach so you can be sent to German/London for Masters. I wish you knew how special you are. Etc etc.

Then I stretched out my hand to say goodbye and instead got the surprise hug. I was so stiff, and wondering what the hell is happening when he hugged me the other side too. So as I started to pull away, there he was holding my waist and refusing to let go.

I’ve never been so disappointed.

Not that older married men have never approached me, but they are always direct in their intentions and they are not the PATRON of our church. They don’t pretend to be interested in saving your soul or concern for your well being. I just don’t like pretenders, especially in the name of the church or something. And one thing about these ‘direct approachers’, they never force physical contact.

Earlier, we had agreed I’d go to his house for supper on Wednesday 1st, because I had made a promise to the wife.

After that awkward goodbye on Tuesday night, he hasn’t called me again.


13 Responses

  1. Haha its called an epic dissapointment..he might just be a finger of god member.lol

    our church is one of those that have been here for more than 100 years

  2. sad sad when a figure like that engages in such. btw pardon my ignorance- ‘hug you on the other side’ meaning?

    it means you hug, then hug again but now the other shoulder. makes sense now?

  3. ha ha ha! ai, Savvy,
    woi pole for the hugs with ulterior motives or HUMs
    You seem to have wooed him over without even trying?

    plus never having been in a relationship in JKUAT could possibly have made him even more eager

  4. Mahatma Gandhi once said that had it not been for Christians, he would have been one. Christ was OK, but his followers, my oh my.

    All the best in your exams!

  5. Hehe at least you got something to remember him for coz he revealed his intentions and saved you a lot of thinking. Success in your papers.

  6. Whats up with married men nowadays? kwanza they seem to taking all the gals.

    My pal a gal told me that one of her distant relatives a pastor from shags visited her in College. Since he had travelled from far, he insisted that he spends the night in her room kwa hostels. She thought he was harmless coz he was a relative. When it was bed time, the shameless man told her they pray for the night while embracing each other like a hug. She quickly left the room & went to sleep with her friends.

  7. Interesting.

  8. One word. . . SHADY! <<the patron i.e. He ought to be ashamed of himself. Pole lakini. All the best in your exams.

  9. Wewe umekuwa kampas miaka nkapi mwana? Na kale kaprog kako ya sikika kalienta wapi?

  10. I knew that guy was up to no good. pole

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