The Trip To Coast

I know I’ve been updating this blog like once in a lifetime, which is really sad because this is the last month I’ll be writing here, but blame it on my busy academic schedule. And a little laziness. So this year, for our ‘academic’ class trip, we chose coast again.

The journey always begins with someone being left behind for one reason or other (because they went to pick a pair of fake sunglasses, or buy alcohol, or pick something they forgot, or they were sleeping), but always, someone calls and runs after the bus. If they are lucky, we’ll stop at a petrol station to get fuel or at the bank for the lecturer to get our allowance, and they can catch up with us.

The trip to coast is like one big party; we start having fun even before the bus has left. Drinks are mixed, cocktails experimented with, jokes cracked, noise made, cigarettes smoked (at which smoker will be shouted at to stop, while he claims he’s smoking with his head out of the window so he doesn’t see how it’s bothering anyone else), and so it goes on till six or so hours later we are in coast. At every stop, we’ll empty our bladders, refill our bottles, buy shades and sandals, take photos and maybe make out in the bus.

Note the Masai sandals in the background

We reached coast at around 5.30am on Thursday. We booked into a really really nice place for a really really cheap price. Student rates. I’ll so miss being a student.

Before we booked the rooms, we lined up to get our allowance. Can you see how everyone is smiling?. Tell me money doesn’t bring happiness.

Lining up to get our money

By the time we were getting a place to stay and settling down, it was already 7.00am. so while we checked in, we ordered breakfast. Since we hadn’t had supper the previous night, breakfast was something like this:

Breakfast remains

I don’t blame her for KOing.

Sleep was the last thing on our minds, we changed into swimwear and took to the pool. That’s right, the place had a pool too. We passed the morning playing water games and making good use of the poolside bar. Thinking it must be in the afternoon, we asked what time it was. It was only 10am! Guess time moves slowly in coast.

Fun at the pool

We chilled by the poolside and begun to feel hungry and the beach was calling out to us. We ( I mean my group of friends and I, the rest of my classmates were doing their thing elsewhere) went to Mtwapa for some biriani at some place called Tamu Tamu Dishes. The food is tamu but their milkshake is whack! Horrible! The food is really good though.

At Mtwapa, we passed by Tuskys and I picked a Mountain Dew soda. It’s manufactured in Uganda ( I think) and thought I should sample it. It tastes like a cousin to Coca Cola’s Sprite would taste. Not bad.

We went to Serena beach after that, where I decided to get another tattoo.

new tattoo

Alright, so it’s a fake henna tattoo. But it looked real for a day or two, then it started fading. We took a boat ride on Halleluyah boat, but the water was just not ideal for swimming that day. Too much floating vegetation and stuff…

It was around six when we were going back to shower and prepare to go out and sample Mombasa nightlife. Sleeping was not a priority at the time.

Day Two

The highlight of the trip was actually something academic-ish. We went to the SEACOM station; which supplies the underwater fibre optic connection to the whole of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe. The entire place is just run by 4 people: 3 engineers and one manager. It’s just awesome; the design of those transmission/control rooms, the software they use to monitor their cable for vandalism, the redundancy in everything including the standby UPS, air conditioners etc. they explained how they have to lay the cable one meter beneath the ocean floor, no matter how deep. They’ve got submarines to do that in the deep waters, and divers along the shore.

For every fibre optic cable inland, they’ve got two connections using different routes, so that in case one is vandalized, the other can continue functioning with no downtime. They can monitor traffic from all the EA countries, so far .ke leads in the amount of traffic but their capacity is way higher than the current demand.

It was just awesome.

From SEACOM on Friday afternoon, we went to Pirates beach, where we swam and made merry and smoked shisha etc.

Then at night, some opted to go out, while the rest of us stayed in to have a pool party. It was just about to kick in at around 10pm, we had the crowd and everything, when some hotel worker told us we can’t swim at night, something about a student drowning the previous year. Then ordered us out of the water.
We decided to chill out by the pool anyway, till around 4am.

By 7am the following morning (Saturday), the bus was vroom vrooming at the parking. It was time to leave.
It was just two days of the coast of Kenya, but it was well worth it. It was short because we had to come back in time to start our exams and finish our final year projects.

So now am in the middle of my last undergraduate exam ever and may God help me.

12 Responses

  1. Now who was having Pilsner for breakfast?

    Now who could think of vandalizing the SEACOM cable in the deep waters?

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  3. “sad because this is the last month I’ll be writing here,” am assuming the blog will metamorphose into something else, like “diary of a kenyan working girl” (pun intended) and not the complete demise of ur blogwomanship!

  4. Wow. Mad fun, as usual. But these students of nowadays? You get an allowance for a trip full of fun?

    In the 60s, that never used to happen to us!

  5. that seems like fun fun and then some more fun!

    good luck with your exams.

  6. I also hope that u’ll not stop blogging.
    And btw, u really had fun! I never went for a trip wen i was in school.

  7. well well well, I might have an idea of what kind of fun you had.

  8. You shall indeed miss the student days. All the best in your exams.

  9. You really had fun.

  10. God help you in your exams.

    Yes it was fun. I can attest to that.

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