Allright, this blog is about a young kenyan girl, in campus and still dreaming big. Waiting for her moment in the spotlight. Her 25 minutes of fame. But she will be having fun while she struggles through campus life. Enough about me.

Want to know more, write to me: savvy.kenya@gmail.com

I did finish campus, so now am blogging here. I’m still dreaming big. Campus life is behind me now.

Find me at Savvy Kenya


39 Responses

  1. Hey i liked your posts very interesting and enticing continue i cant wait to read more

  2. thanks….

  3. u got good stuff, keep it up…..keep blogging.

    thank you..

  4. Keep blogging. Your articles are very entertaining taking us down memory lane. I don’t skip a single one although sometimes you may not see my comments here.

    i shall do my best

  5. its thumbs up for u girl and i definetly support u. good work keep blogging

    Thank you.

  6. All the best in your life, your work (vitabu for now) and your dreams.

    I am definitely keeping those dreams alive, but still on earth with the books.

  7. you are funny and very captivating to read. liked you as a teenager and cant wait to read more of your life in campus. what u studying? i cant see any link on the side to read your older posts, i want to start with ur first one here

    Am studying computer science, hoping to be a good hacker one day..;-)
    Check out the calender, it has the older posts.

    • Hi
      Nyce work wrong direction on your wish there sister. You neve want to be a good hacker there isn’t one. You do not need to study to become that. Any way keep blogging thot i shud comment on that coz i’m an information Assurance Engineer (INTRUSION PROTECTION SPECIALIST CEH,CISSP) for 6yrs and have yet to come along one of those good hackers. all those i come along end up in slammer and wasted if not compromised. Hola at you good work lakini.
      Will keep checking!.

  8. Hi there…Been a regular visitor to this site…keep up the good work.
    I have a business proposal that I’d like to offer you…Please get in touch.

    email on the way..

  9. im impressed senorita. its rather majestic cant get enuf of ur storos by the way those are real transcripts we are being given………..

    You don’t recognize the green transcripts?

  10. im into bloggin just tryin my best in that section i bet thats where some of us belong i will borrow a leaf. im also in jkuat im doing media

  11. nah its proudlykenya.blogspot.com

    I shall visit it very soon.

  12. Hey, this is a pretty neat blog. Kudons man! (… or lady
    !) 🙂

    Are you a technology student by any chance? Computer Science… ?

    Yeah, am a computer science student.

  13. Hmmm….quite an interesting read.

  14. thanks Kev, I try my best

  15. Love your blog!

    What can I say? Thanks.

  16. You are a great writer, I kinda envy you 🙂

    I am always looking for new fresh content for the Storymoja Blog www. storymojaafrica. wordpress. com which I help to edit and manage. It is a blog for writers to show case their work and share ideas and critique. If you are ever so interested, please honour us with your presence. I also blog on www. jmaruru. wordpress. com

    Thanks, I’ll check out your blog and the storymoja site.

  17. I love the pictures that accompany the posts. Pretty cool.

    My Chinese phone does the trick, it has surprisingly good quality pictures

  18. inspiring…

  19. nice!! 🙂


  20. omg savvy08 (I loove phrases like ‘omg’…sooo blonde)
    I like your blog…& the fact that we have something in common may be colouring my judgement*

    • Now I have to say it…my high school had a Jay-Z, red uniform, houses named after parks & dorms named after islands

      Go figure 🙂

  21. Savvy,av bin following ur blog and its just incredible.am also in juja and u bring a diferent perspective 2 this place and life in campo in general.gud stuff n blog on

    Thank you..keep reading the blog.

  22. Hey savvy,been checking out your blog for sometime now and since I started doing so,can’t think of missing any of the postings

    This is good stuff and keep on the heat…..


    Thank you, X.

  23. I stumbled upon your blog today and couldn’t help lmao at the kidogo stuff that I’ve read…and the pic of the mama with a shower cap in a mat, lol…totally hillaroius….I would like to follow your blog but I somehow can’t find the “Follow Blog” button:-(

    You’re welcome…to follow my blog, just subscribe to the posts. There’s a checkbox below the commenting space.

  24. Awesome, i hv liked this blog


  25. Great blog! It took me down memory lane… Campus life and all. Looking forward to reading more 😉

    check out my new url…

  26. I am totally in LOVE with your blog. I stumbled upon it a year or so back, lost it and got reunited again;) I just finished reading your 2010 entries. What can I say? Enlightening, honest and hilarious. You’re officially on my blogroll. I will continue reading, if you promise to continue writing.

    Thank you. I promise to keep writing

  27. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. A fantastic read. I’ll certainly be back.

  28. nice stuff ryt here,you shud have us as members too i give you UoN JUICE!!!


    I’m no longer blogging here…. I moved to savvykenya.com. Find me there.

    If you have any juicy stories, you could try starting your own blog. I’d love to read it.

  30. I’ve enjoyed browsing through this blog. You are a captivating writer. Was in JKUAT myself(Juja) but I dont recall life ever being so dramatic…reason why I love your blog. I’ll definitely keep reading 🙂

  31. Nice posts. . i enjoyed reading your blog. . .you can visit mine on http://www.javamylove.wordpress.com


  32. I like the way you write savvy !….

  33. your writing is unique kindly follow my blogitsallaboutloveandtrendiness.wordpress.com

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