The Princess Project ~ Flight or Fight

The last few weeks have been the kind when I know I am alive because there’s so much going on but I can barely feel my own skin.

It happens, to everyone, at some point. If you are like me, you’ll get a chance to stop for a moment and pinch your own cheek, just so you can feel the blood flow back, affirmation that you are alive. Sometimes I wish I knew a better way to get the same results.

My body seems to shift from severe neuropathic pain – periods when I experience severe pain as a result of both my illness and the medication I have to take to control it – and Peripheral Idiopathic neuropathy, periods when I cannot feel my extremities or experience pain in those areas. It can be a vicious cycle, one that is confusing even to me.

While all this is happening all the other stuff in my life; work, writing, friends, even faith seem to be some kind of routine just to keep me going. If I let it go on too long, then everything can be about my illness and lots of important stuff is neglected.

That’s why I need to stop for a moment and pinch my own cheek. I am glad that along with everything else that I was given, I got a bunch of special people to remind me when it’s time to pinch my own cheek.

Sometimes, I might ignore even them, in which case, we have a pre-arranged agreement that they will pinch my cheek for me. I might flare up, and maybe huff around for a few minutes, but deep down inside, I know that ‘my special people’ love me and only want the best for me. So I’ll probably calm down and start to listen.

I hope you have your pinch-your-cheek routine and your ‘special people’ too, because there is nothing so bad as being engrossed in your own thoughts and worries that you can’t stop to smell the flowers, and to make the world a better place.

I stopped to take in the beautiful scent of two flowers in the last two weeks.

I realised how very much I am proud of my daddy, his strength, his unique perception, and his choice to share his mind with me.

And then I met Catherine Wanjohi, well met virtually, a lady who is doing a great job of educating commercial sex workers in safe practices, as well as helping those who chose to leave the industry find stability and self-sufficiency. You can find out about Catherine’s work on her organisation’s website.

My mum always tells me that I should use what I have to make the world, my little corner of the world, a much better place. And I will. I have my pen, I intend to use it as far and as much as I can.

In other news, Gaby, is going through a Flight or Fight Situation. Which got me thinking that we are always at a Flight or Flight crossroad. Should I leave or should I stay? Should I do it now or later? Should I talk back or hold my tongue?

I think the same thing happens when a child is born and the doctor slaps the bum. Reality kicks in and the baby realizes that there are only two options, fight or flight. Flight at that point is a bit tricky,(unless fate and God had that in mind in the first place) so the tot decides to fight…We all decided to stay in this big bad world and for our places. What about Gaby? What will she do?

“Yeah. I don’t know you very well, figured it would be easier and safer to chat with you. ”

She paused and Gaby smiled feeling incredibly blank.

“See! You haven’t asked a question or given me the disinterested look I get from my friends in the lifestyle.”

“Like you said I don’t know you very …”

“It’s either you are too cynical for your own good or you are a very intelligent babe.”

“Babe? Me?” Gaby laughed as she handed a waiter a tray of drinks for Table No. 12.

“Yeah, babe. Hot one, too. Anyway, have you ever thought of getting out of this pub and maybe doing something ‘better’ with yourself?” She rolled her eyes in a Gossip-Girl kinda way. “Forget about you. You look comfortable here. I have been thinking of getting out of the agency. You know, down my tools and do something that I can tell my children – if ever I have them – about. Well, maybe not give up the whips and boots completely, but you know, not sell the lifestyle. ”

What in the hell makes the Blackberry Princess think that I’m was comfortable working in a hole with drunk yuppies as the main attraction and a patron who kills, deals and threatens? Comfortable?!!

Read The Rest Here.

The Princess Project did interview Catherine Wanjohi and she has spme very profound information on Life Bloom Services International, the organization. Check out how she helps these women Lead Blooming Lives.

The Lybelious Punk did not post any poetry(so to speak), this week. She’s fed up – I know she’s always fed up but this time it’s a bit more constructive- and she is sending all of you to Boot Camp with a poet of old, Rev. Samuel Wesley. Read and learn.

The Global Peace Convention will be held in Nairobi in December and we have all the info for you. This year’s theme is ‘conflict resolution; peace and development’ . Read More on the Convention here and then get to know Where The Truth Is with Imani Opar. Tomorrow she takes us Back To The Basics.

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Creekside Princess Webisode 10 – Decisions

A strong sense of identity gives a person the idea she can do no wrong; too little accomplishes the same.

A few months ago, Gabrielle Akinyi Wanjohi came to Nairobi. And then she realised that the above was true. In the strong sense of being Gaby, Tomboy, Creekside Princess, CB’s ex… she soon was lost, completely without any idea how to pull herself out of the endless maze of life, change, mystery and madness.

She will have to decide, now, before it is too late.



t’s almost as if I launched myself out into the ocean of life hoping, without any idea how to swim, to dive safely or sail a boat, with no knowledge about the ocean tides and currents and no navigation skills either. To make matters worse, I dove off the cliff, ignoring the hint of a cold that scratched at the back of my nose. And I got hit so hard by the bends, and the pain is back, so bad I can’t breath.

That’s why I am here.

Here: Sitting on a bench, right outside the Hilton Hotel, alongside other lost, tired and maybe demented souls, trying to see the safety of the shoreline, trying to take a breath…

Read Decisions

This week, we gave you a review of the High School Favorite The River and The Source by Margaret Ogola: Most books on gender debate revolve around the axle of imbalance in the way men and women relate to one another, in their division of labour, including sharing the products of that labour, such as property, and these books further declare that whereas women are part of division of labour, there’s discrimination in distributing the fruits. This is what Margaret Ogola tackles in her works, and especially in the novel The River and the Source. Gideon Chumo

We also gave you a compilation of the best poetry from September: The reason the poet of the month of September wasn’t featured yesterday was because I was confused. It felt like I was back at the punks’ twilight zone. I frequented that place a lot this September. True story. Anyway, I had poems that had the same tally of votes and I didn’t know what to do. But I had a mini eureka moment and figured that it would be prudent to post the top three poems of the month. Linda Musita

Last but definitely not in the least, we republished Osas’ kind letter to a little girl who is now growing into the Queen of her life. To K, with love.

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Princess Project Note ~ Bad Dreams

I wake up, it’s a bad dream

No one on my side

I was fighting

But I just feel too tired

To be fighting

Guess I’m not the fighting kind

2nd Stanza of Bad Dreams by Keane

Sometimes, you wake up, and you just can’t get out of the bad dream. Most of the time, you just need to hold on just a little longer, and things get better. That does not mean you should stay in a bad place hoping it will get better. You have the power and the ability to make your world a better place. And if the axis it is stuck on just cannot change, you need to remind yourself what a unique and talented person you are, and then head out and find a world that is just right for who you are. Whatever the case, remember :

Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.

This week on The Princess Project we made a stop at in Nandi with a review of The shrunken dream by Jane Tapsubei Creider.

Then we sipped at some poetry with Poetic Wednesday: The Lost Tear.

We have had some quiet in the Queen Stories. We need your help. If you know an extraordinary lady who deserves to be acknowledged please feel free to nominate them by sending an email to us at Don’t let those special women go on without knowing just how special they are.

And to what you have been waiting for; this week’s episode of Creekside Princess – The Big City!

Sherlock Holmes

Gaby grinned, hoped that Chris wouldn’t tell how fake that grin was, either. “Yes, I can. I thought Mombasa was the only place where crazy things happen.”

Gaby sighed, and started to get the chairs up on tables in the lounge area. It was routine. Sometime after midnight on weekdays, the clientele would dwindle out. Chris would probably have to get the odd plastered customer out and get a taxi cab for him. And Gaby would be getting cleaning up at the bar. Then Chris would come in to help put the chairs up so that the cleaning crew would have it easy to go over the floor as fast as possible.

He was looking at her with a curious expression. Gaby knew that no matter how tough he acted, what had happened last night had jarred him. But he did not have a choice. His reason for lack of choice was different from hers. He simply had no choice, because this was his life. Read the rest…

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The Princess Project ~Arranging Your Bags of Gold

Everybody wants money. All of us want to have financial security and some of us have this need for exaggerated wealth. That is why from the moment we reach the age of majority we start thinking about the future and how we can make it sunny by earning money, investing it and saving it as well. This week the Marvin Tumbo, an economics wizard, gives us some insight on financial planning and the importance of getting the right information from the right people.

Financial Industry Blogging

I would like to see a Kenyan blog on unit trusts, on hedge funding, on futures and options, on mortgage financing and how not to buy a house on a road reserve, on banking in general, on the NSE and CMA, on financial ethics, on insurance – all types of insurance, on financial advice, on how-to’s like how to choose one bank over another based on your financial needs and how to make online transactions safely etc. A blog taking apart the accounts being ran by the various banks – the charges, hidden charges, benefits, loopholes etc, basically, a blog on everything finance – from simple to complex concepts. Read the rest here.

This week the book review is on A Durable Fire by Barbara and Stephanie Keating. The book tells a very interesting story of loss, revenge and love that reminds me of Gaby’s story in the Creekside Series. The review by Stella Riunga gives a thorough insight on the book that you would not want to miss out on.

Don’t forget to check out Poetic Wednesday on Poetic License and comment and vote for your favorite poem.

Webisode 7 of Creekside Princess- The Big City will be ready for you next week and Gaby will be playing detective after the fiasco that harassed her in A Mystery.

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The Princess Project ~ The Big City: The Mystery

We all love Mysteries, don’t’ we? Those things that happen around us that shock our understanding and lack explanations. We love mysteries because they allow our imagination to come up with absurd or logical explanations and even possible solutions to the perplexity at hand.

Look at what happened with the black holes, up to date astronomers are still poking them just so they can figure them out. Human nature does not allow us to ignore puzzles.

Gabrielle has just bumped into a hole of life threatening proportions. She finds herself smack in the middle of gunfire and a possible family fued involving an ‘IT’ that she knows nothing about. At the end of this dramatic event the definite mystery within the mystery is whether Gaby will try to look for explanations.

The Mystery
I don’t know why. I don’t know why it has been so easy to bond with Stella. I don’t know why it has been so easy for me to look at her lifestyle without the violent disapproval I might have reacted with just a few months ago. I don’t know why I am so eager to get started…. Read the rest here

Don’t forget to have a look at this week’s book review Mugasha -Epic of The Bahaya by Nyambura Mpesha and there is still Poetry by Meshack Sewe, the poet of the Month of July.

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Do you have something to tell the Princess out there? We welcome Mzee Articles: Pieces on personal experience overcoming trial or going through the staircase of life. We would also welcome Girl Royal Articles: How to and Skills from a personal perspective. Please drop us a line at