my side life-savvy the poetess

some days i write is a sample of one of them, they are so spontaneous, half the time i have no idea what am writing till am through

I feel trapped
Inside this deep abyss
Of wickedness and sinfulness
Of impurity and restlessness
Of influence and pressure
Of bodily wants and worldly pleasures

I look up;
It’s too deep for even a glimmer of light,
I stretch out;
Nothing but darkness and fright,
I try to sit;
It’s cold, wet and lonely,
I look inside myself;
The light in my heart,
That little lamp,
The tiny hope that is Jesus’ love,
Makes me stay alive,
Just one minute more.

All I need is just hope,
It’s all I ever needed.

The poetry blog is ready:


18 Responses

  1. Hey, nice poem. I use that meter myself; pure freedom. The best way to find out what’s ailing you…just write! Rhyme only when it suits you.

    You better not snuff out that ‘little lamp’ of light for believe you me it is the beginning of the answer(s) we all seek.

  2. hope does keep as alive and moving on. our desires and thew world around us can be such a tempation and also such a depressing thing, hope keeps us looking foward and not giving in. keep writing.

    hope you still read my poetry blog gal!

  3. i think the poetry blog is a good idea.

  4. I shall get it made as soon as am through with these exams..

  5. we need more of this. i cherish poetry too…especially those grim ones…

  6. a fab poem. keep it upppppppppppp

    Thanks..been lazy on updating my poetry blog

  7. Hi!
    My name is Jessika!


  8. intruiging…. I ought to come back to jkuat to get some inspiration to get back to my writing ways…

    You are welcome, anytime

  9. I love the beautiful sincerity… the open acceptance of frailty… the acknowledgment of our need for God, and that he, right in this paradox called life, is the essence and meaning of all this. All this confusion, all this windy darkness that make our little lights flicker… but he is the Sun, who extinguishes darkness. He makes us stars… just by believing in Him… no matter how illogical he seems… and how so short of perfection we are… faith, not blind – illuminating!

    I loved it… I really really loved it… will def check out your “Soul Footsteps” as I too tread this avenue – btw, I am Princely, a Daystarian, a proet (prose + poetry). You could, once in a while, eat some inspiration at on my blog –

  10. i love poetry keep up en write bout hopelessness

  11. wow!!

    thanks..that’s encouraging. lemmi write more poetry.

  12. […] my side life-savvy the poetess […]

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