Oh no, not again!

First it was the high schools, for whatever reasons, maybe it was post election violence, or it maybe it was the lack of strokes (sio what u think, rather strokes of the cane..), and now us? Nzembi are you reading this?

In case you havent watched the news, jkuat has gone on strike. do not even ask me what we are rioting about, could be  mismanagament of funds, and God knows where our money goes. they could use the money to buy generators so we have electricity during blackouts. how do ou explain the lights disappearance daily?? then the generators gets overloaded, and it is not like there is no money?? then there is the fact that there is ghost internet, non-existent swimming pools… there are many reasons, but why the fuck now?

as i type this, i have two days to exams. had two days. now i have no idea what is going to happen. am in town instead of school, in bathroom slippers (they are luminous orange, and am in a green outfit!..i look like that guy Xs dissed on his post..the one with yellow shoes..) and on my way home.

for the first time in my entire life, i have been thrown a tear gas canister at! i was there fucking running all over for a strike i had no idea would be this huge! i mean, i wasnt throwing stones at anyone or anything..i was walking away and this cop just looks back and sees me and my classmate walking away fast so we can reach the road and he fucking aims the canister on our way. it landed just a cm from my foot, and am telling you i ran, i’d ve won 100m dash in the olympics. luckily, it did not explode.

then there is the fact that the huge truckloads of cops was armed, and i heard shots being fired in the air! it was like being in a fucking action movie, but it is a scary feeling. so now cops are jut throwing tear gas at a mass of students, and am somewhere in the middle with my bag which just has my journal (i still keep one..), my fone and cash. everything else i left it the way it was.

you see, i was just in my room thinking this is a small thing that shal blow over in a few minutes, the next thing students have burnt a mat on Thika Road, then they stared burning hostels, so i just rushed out..leaving my breakfast behind and forgetting to wear shoes.

i wonder which campus will now be next? what’s with cowards who cant organize a non-destructtive strike? and why days to exams? i know some of you fear exams, but we all have to work hard, dammit! i just wanted them done and over with..

let me just go home now (not Malindi..more like an aunt’s place..whose son is also at home coz their school striked!!!), am kinda hungry…come to think of it…the last meal i ate was yesterday lunch, a day ago! 🙂


Surviving life as a border (part 2)

Am sitting in class, totally bored. The lecturer talks to himself 90 percent of the time. Scratch that, 100 per cent of the time. Except once in a while I will answer a question. It is just in my nature to want to show off something I know. I look at the time for the nth time. I give a wide yawn. It’s a few minutes to lunch time, and am hungry. That’s how most of my afternoons start.

A mad dash for the door is what characterizes the teacher’s exit. At this point, lunch is of utmost priority. I go looking for my pals, Cracker (she looks like she is always on a high) and Dannie, who plans for her meals like a day before! There are many options for lunch. Most of them lousy. Take the mess, for instance. There is always a long long queue, where a whole class can come and overtake you. The food is not that good either, imagine cooking for 2000 people. It can’t be tasty.

there is a smaller mess called Candles in The Wind. The food there is a bit more expensive. their food is overpriced by like 30 bob, on average. the only differnece is they add a lot of spices that will give you a heartburn the whole afternoon (i hope nzembi can concur with this.) of course there is the lectuer’s cafeteria, but then since when did our food allowances allow us to compete with them?

Wait, this is turning into a post about food. Well, let it take its natural course. Then there is some shacks outside the school gate, a place we call Gashororo. Very very dusty. Its not an option. Then there is the student’s center. Lousy food. In short, there is no good place to get good food, unless you are cooking for yourself. I must say am an impatient type. Two hours of sweating over an open electric cooker that could shock u to eternity at any second, or get impatient and blow you up, all for a plate of rice which you could get for 12 bob. Then there is the clean up afterwards. Of course cooking is prohibited in the rooms, but who really follows these rules? Then your room smells like a stuffy kitchen, not to add a huge attraction to cockroaches.

Might I add there is this guy called Amos. He is the best around. He has good goods and services. Don’t think far. He has good customer service and his fries are better than those of Kenchic. Save for the faint wisp of smoke that hits you when you open the bag of fries. I think he uses firewood to cook them. As long as we don’t see where exactly he does his cooking; we might continue enjoying the fries. Its not good to have a wild imagination. You might start wondering about the number of germs on those notes he is handling at the same time serving your fries or when was the last time he washed that tomato sauce stained apron.

A little debate ensues on where we should take lunch. Amos wins though we all agree that it is quite unhealthy. We agree to quit fries…..when we hit our 40’s. hopefully by then, we wont be weighing tons!

With lunch taken care of, there is a tendency to catch up on lost sleep in the afternoon. Except if you have classes. Its kewl to skive classes at the beginning of the semester, when its mostly introduction. You must make sure you catch up, though. You are only as cool as your grades. No one looks kindly upon you when u get a supplementary. There will always be snide remarks about guys who do sups and still think they can skive classes. Since it is now mid semester, classes have to be attended.

On Monday, I have programming, which I was going to say am not so bad at, but modesty wins, since am yet to apply my knowledge in the real world. The interesting day is Wednesday, when I have no lessons, and I usually do my assignments on this day.

Speaking of assignments and reports, there is this unit we do: electronics. I do computer science, its not so much about the application s that we are taught, but more like the maths and science behind the computers. So I guess a unit like electronics makes sense, except I have never seen a subject more abstract than physics.

Every once in two Tuesdays, at 7 am, I head to the engineering building, past the basic electrical lab, the high voltage lab (Kip should know something about this- I have always pictured mad professors torturing students in there…), past the gents with their blue cisterns (why not the usual white? And why is the door always open?) and up the stairs to our usual lab.

There, I join my group mates in what we could call a mockery of an experiment. Wires here, clips there, voltmeter and what-have-you-meter connected here, bring that diode and voila, we are recording measurements. Later (on Wednesday), when you plot the values on a graph paper, you get a zig-zag line. Definitely something wrong coz no normal graph appears like that in any textbook. The only thing you can do is to doctor your values, and the next thing you know, u have a surprisingly linear graph, whose gradient gives a value just 0.01 less than that in the textbook.

is it any wonder then that the only C i had in my transcript last year was in physics? am hoping to do better in electronics this semester.

If I have no pending assignments, I go swimming at the nearby 2-star (if it is even star-rated) hotel, where I cough up a soc (100 bob), come back and head for the salon to make my hair. This is how it looks like now.