Wamathai Exclusive Spoken Word

Wamathai.com will host another spoken word event on Friday, the 5th of August 2010 and the program is as follows:

The event will be hosted by Dela

Performances by: Wanjeri Gakuru, Jemedari, Wanjiku Mwaurah, Kevin Gachuma, Mike Kwambo, Njeri Wangari, Anyiko Owoko, Immah & others

Music by: Skiza & Lele

The Screening of Mark Kaigwa’s Film Dawa

An after party with DJ Steel playing Afro-Fusion & Neo Soul

Other Details

Date: 5th August

Venue: VIP Secrets Lounge, View Park Towers Nairobi

Time: 7.00 PM till Late

Charges: Kshs. 300 in Advance

The tickets are only 100 so reserve yours as soon as possible by calling/texting 0722352239 or emailing wamathai(at)wamathai.com

Come and enjoy a unique night of poetry & music!

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Wamathai Spoken Word at Secrets Lounge

Unlike most Kenyan timers, Chiira and I were seated by 6.30 p.m. The event was to start at (around) 7pm to 9.30 p.m. being the first, we inquired where it would be held and were told the first floor. Secrets Lounge (hereafter shortened to just Secrets) has covers 3 floors, am told, though I didn’t get to the second floor. At first when I told my friends I was going to Secrets, there were expressions like:

The Strip Club? The Gay Club?

Actually, it may (or was) all that but it’s now a really cool place with a black and white décor. It was empty save for us, of course and the hot bartender. Wamathai, being host, organiser and all, was running up and down fixing this that. However, by 7pm, the place was already full, and by 7.15, you could hardly find space to stand. Turnout was huge; this is a real achievement for a first time event.

So those who always plan to come fashionably late missed seats, and then there are those who come shamefully late (when the event is already over…I shall not mention names- including my friends who were coming to give me moral support because I was going to read a piece for my very first time. Note, I said read, not perform. Slight difference there. A shout out to them: Smonchstar, Boosy woosy and her cousin, WallyB and Pato)

Lights, mikes, camera and action! It started off with this couple (I don’t know if they are together, am just saying couple coz they were two) singing Wyclef Jean’s Two Wrongs. Then the MC for the evening invited the performers of the evening. (I am so so very terrible with names) but among those who performed included Mike Kwambo, Wanjeri Gakuru, Anyiko, Jemedari, Mstari wa Nne, myself and Wamathai himself

The crowd was paying 85% attention at the beginning, and this kept deteriorating as tweeps/facebookers/friends and acquaintances forgot it was about poetry and not all about the hype. Read more here

I was nervous as I went to read my poem, but the cake helped, and maybe one or two cold ones. I know the piece or the reading was nothing to write home about 😉 , but thanks for the applause and I hope to do better next time. Which has been the question on everyone’s mind: when is the next time? With a bigger venue, of course.

In attendance was James Murua, Antoneosoul,Oliver Mathenge and a long list of tweeps I don’t want to attempt writing because someone might be left out and then they’ll feel bad, and you know I love you all!

The after-party went on of course; never mind it was a weekday; I had asked this and Wamathai told me Friday is a tricky day because of the world cup. Am sure you all understand.

I’d love to attend the next Wamathai Spoken Word.

P.S. Since I have no photos of that event..I’ll post a pic of his that made me his number one groupie:

What do you think?

I was going to put up this piece earlier, but then I lost my data cable, then got arrested, but that is a story for another day!

I’ve added this much later: I thought I should mention some special tweeps who were in attendace: @cdohnio (who arrived early and has an awesome young blog, @kirembu (at least you knew the words I was going to read), @muniu, @nbad_kitty, @mwirigi, @switcheeks, @shuhi, @jerishi, @swambi, @ngeny, @EdwinBaru, @Mwendaa, @Mkaigwa (I’ll watch the dawa film, I promise), @ifortknox, @matrixster, @joliea, @murimuriz, @kaggzie (you didn’t say hi!), @mmuendo, @albieno and if I haven’t mentioned your name, please don’t throw a stone at me!