The Internet Is Weird

If you have been on the internet long enough, you must have had a stalker or two, or chatted up with a weird 50 something year old guy who wants you number and picture. Don’t also fool yourself that the person you are chatting with on FB/twitter or those dating sites (I know you frequent them, what’s the use denying? This is the internet, there is no judging.) I digress. What I was saying is, don’t fool yourself into believing people are who they say they are; they also rarely look like their photos.

Am watching you

That being said, most people on twitter are way cooler than F-bookers. As a general I-couldn’t-care-less-attitude, I decided to be accepting all friend requests. Immediately I did, this guy who calls himself er… Sunday Pascal sent me this message:

My name is Pascal Sunday from mombasa, my age is 28 years old and also work in mombasa. Savvyplease tell me about your self, i want to know more about you please tell me. Savvy please i want you to do something for me, savvy please help me with your mobile number if you dont mind. Savvy please dont take me wrong and understand me bad, im not a bad guy the way you think i am a good guy with my on respect. Savvy please i want to call you and hear your sweet voice, please help me with your mobile number i need your number. Savvy i dont have much more to say, all i want you to know is to know each other well and make friends. Savvy please reply thank you. Be blessed.

Be blessed? Seriously? I ROLFLMAO! Then hit “Remove Friend”.