Harambee Stars Vs Ugandan Cranes

Do you remember this post? I had no choice but to be in church on Saturday morning. I prepared and was in church by 10 a.m., which was a little late because the lecture theater where the services where being held was full. You know how lecture theaters are? Entrance is at the front and if you have to make a quick exit, that’s the place to sit. I was hoping that my fashionably late entrance would be noted by whoever was watching and nobody would ask me later why I hadn’t been to church.

Lecture theater looks almost like this one

I sneaked out just before the main preaching started, because once the speaker of the day is given time, he takes as much time as he wants. He could preach for 3 hours if he wanted and that would mean missing the Harambee Stars match. I’d bet heavily on the game: I was going to change my twitter name from Savvy Kenya to Savvy Uganda, and possibly my nationality too if the stars lost to the Cranes.

Having left church around noon, and changed from my dress to jeans and carried a borrowed vuvuzela, I got into a matatu around 1p.m. to town. Now, my small brother who’s blowing the vuvuzela below was in possession of the tickets and had been at the stadium since noon. He was giving us (my other bro and I) one hour to get to the stadium or he’d sell our tickets. I kept telling him am almost in town even when I was stuck in traffic because the Chinese constructors (contractors?)had decided Saturday was the best time to divert traffic to roadside paths.

My small bro

By the time I finally got to the stadium, it was 3.30pm and my brothers were already inside. Somehow, we managed to communicate and they wrapped my ticket around a small flag they’d bought and threw it over the wall of the stadium. Of course, there were few spiderman wannabes who scaled the wall but since I had my ticket no need to resort to desperate measures. The queues were long and so winding, but hey, am a chick so I just smiled at some guy and he let me cut the queue. He later told me he’ll be my husband and I said yeah, we’ll get married for sure.

I finally got into the packed stadium. Somehow, I found my brothers and abandoned ‘my husband’ because chicks were getting preferential treatment getting in. You just stand next to a cop and he ushers you in.

The packed stadium

I don’t want to get into details of the match, I tweeted so much during the match keeping guys updated because the match wasn’t being shown live. Thanks to greed KFL/FKL/KFF or whatever the match organizers are called who were asking for so much money even the state corporation KBC could not afford it. Needless to say, Kenya’s Harambee Stars were dominant and we had very many scoring chances. The energy of the fans was awesome even if the Ugandan fans refused to participate in the Mexican wave. They did later though. And they were very many. They came in like 20 or so buses, I hear.



Ugandan Fans at the other end of the field in yellow


The match ended in a nil-nil draw which means Kenya is at the bottom of the group. The other countries include Uganda, which leads the group with 4 points, followed by Guinea Bissau which has 3 points, then Angola which has 3 points too but an inferior goal difference, and there we are at the bottom with 1 point.

I eagerly await the return match, which is sadly not until next year October (7th I think). I wonder if I can make it to Kampala, I don’t even know where I’ll be at that time.

Meanwhile, you can read about the other matches I have previously attended here (AFC Leopards vs Gor Mahia), here (Harambee Stars Vs Cameroon’s Indomitable Lions), here (A disappointed Harambee Stars fan), here (Kenya Vs Mozambique, a 2-1 victory) or here (Harambee Stars Vs Tunisia, a loss!).

P.S. Doing a post you may want to read tomorrow. Let’s meet right here.


Post World Cup Blues

I loved this poster

The World Cup tournament is a month long emotional roller coaster. Both for the football fans and the non-fans, because their regular programming of soaps was interrupted. Then maybe it wasn’t it, some TV channels just don’t know when to quit.

Anyway, after being thrice broken hearted by Ghana, Germany and Netherlands (and by the rest of the African teams), I have set my mind on the next world cup, which is in Brazil in 2014. You think that is far away? Not if I have to attend it, it’s not. I need to have made enough money to ensure am there live. I was chatting with someone on twitter and I put my ideas forward:

Idea one
It’s been done before, it’s called gold-digging. But if it’s the world cup trophy, I can consider it 😉 I’m talking about finding a rich man somewhere, age/nationality/race not an issue, who will finance my trip to Brazil. He should preferably not tag along, I intend to fully participate in those carnivals the Sambas have.

Idea two
Dealing. No, not gambling, but you know, dealing with drugs. This is sure one way to get rich and die quickly scheme. Hopefully, die after 2014. Now, any mafia guys reading this? My email is…you know my email. It’s on my blog somewhere.

Idea three
I get a ship headed for the outer seas…sneak inside with food and clothes all packed for three months journey to South America. Let’s hope am not thrown overboard but if in 2014 you hear of a beautiful dark-skinned girl found floating around in a Harambee Stars jersey (it’s what I’ll wear for the epic journey), you know who to suspect it may be.

Idea four
This was the tweep’s (guy I was chatting with on twitter) idea. He said we didn’t have to get killed to get to Brazil, even when I told him we have to take risks. It’s the World Cup we are talking about here.

He said he could arrange for a cow to predict the Netherlands win in the finals, then we could sell the cow for lots of money. Well, Netherlands lost so there goes our money.

Idea five

Run for parliament. This is one sure way to get paid a huge salary for doing nothing, and you only have to appear in parliament to vote for a motion to increase already the huge salary.

Football Is Gay, The World Cup and What Not

I know the world cup is here, and am yet to write a post on it. But I finally caved to the pressure..I have watched about 5 matches so far, and have come to the obvious conclusion…which has been said already; football is gay.

Kaka getting red-carded in the dying minutes of the game

The last match I watched was between Brazil and Ivory Coast last night. I was supporting Ivory Coast; for the obvious reasons. No, not Didier Drogba, that arrogant, sexually attractive, Chelsea player. Because it’s an African team…

There is this conspiracy that we unraveled. Have you noticed all these non-African coaches? They are out to make sure we don’t qualify. Japan have a Japanese coach. Koreans have Koreanese coaches. These foreign coaches will be the death of African football.

Notice if you don’t follow the World Cup, you may not be getting much information from here. But you can learn this: the only team that has any chance of going past the group stages is Ghana. The rest can start packing their bags. But to console yourself, England will be packing its bags too!

So to go back to football being gay. In that match…when Elano scored that last goal for Brazil, him and Kaka ran towards each other (in slo-mo), picture it….eager to throw their arms around each other, closing their eyes in the embrace.

And what about when Drogba scored that consolation goal? He ran towards his team mates, and the slomo-showed him with eyes closed in emotion, his face buried deep in his team mate’s neck.

Nothing gayer than that!

That being said, I hope Netherlands win this one.

AFC Leopards 1-0 Gor Mahia

On Tuesday night my lil’ brother called me.

“Savvy, are we going to watch to match tomorrow?”

Even before I could ask what match, what time, I had already replied, “No, of course not. Am broke.” Then I remembered I should first check my account, so I decided to do just that and wonder of wonders, it was not reading 0 as it has been for much of this month. So I called him back, and together with my other brother who is at home because his campus rioted, we headed to the Stadium to watch AFC Leopards maul Gor Mahia.

This was the first time I was watching a Kenya Premier League match. Not that I haven’t been to the stadium before, I have. During Harambee Stars games. Like this one. Or just search for Harambee Stars posts on my blog. Anyway it was also the first time I was watching a match under floodlights. I was a bit apprehensive, especially after being roughly pushed into the stadium by the security guys.

We managed to lose our lil brother in the melee, and some friends of mine with whom we had gone to the match. And oh my, isn’t it a nightmare trying to find anyone at the stadium?

“Am standing right here! Can’t you see me?”

“Where the hell is right here? I am on the other side. The left side of the main dais. Next to the guy in green wearing green with a red a vuvuzela.” You bellow into the phone, which is on speaker mode and right next to your ear.

“What?! I can’t hear you. Can you see the Superman guy? He is wearing Mariga’s shirt…just next to the AFC dancing band!”

“What?! I can’t hear you, lemme text you.”

“What?! Can you see me now?”

That is how the conversations went like so we decided to find each other after the game.

The match was quite entertaining. Gor Mahia missed a lot of chances, they played a better game but they just couldn’t score. And Blackberry, the player not the phone (George Odhiambo) really impressed me. The first half ended at 0-0 and we took this chance to find our lil’ bro.

Blackberry in an earlier match

My rioting-campus brother told us of how they looted stuff from the Student’s center during the chaos. One of his roommates came over with a whole carton of quarters of KK. (it’s a lethal drink, people, lethal. Only safe for campus students.) His neighbours were more thoughtful though…they carried bales of wheat flour, sacks of rice and potatoes. The following day, the yummy smell of frying mandazi and pancakes was wafting to their room!

Back to the match, AFC finally managed to score in the second half and the fans went crazy. Okay, the fans are already crazy! AFC Leopards and Gor Mahia have the most fanatic of fans! They danced around the stadium, taunting each other, lighting flares and singing all manner of songs, which I understood not! Am told the Gor fans sang a song with words like “get out of the way, Gor is coming through!” and when the Leopards scored, their fans sang a funeral song!

A view of the stadium

In attendance at the match was Our Kid whom I had to find after the match. You might want to check out Our Kid Foundation.

For more about the match, see NairobiLiving

P.S. In other news
I heard nguka’s was closed. Now looking for a suitable replacement for number 3 on my campus to do list

Rugby 101

So this Saturday, I was at the RFUEA grounds to watch the finals of the Bamburi Rugby Super Series, and like most people, I had little clue of which teams were in the finals. Most guys just come for the Tusker and for the after party (you got to admit the crowd has the hottest of the girls and the make-it-happen guys). It’s the norm to see people streaming into the grounds in the last 10 minutes of the game.

At least I know one or two things about rugby, unlike someone I know who is totally clueless as to what a try is, let alone a conversion. But do not despair, all you need to know is which team you support and then shout your wildest when you hear other people cheering.

We arrived in time to watch the final game, between The Cheetahs and The Rhinos. The Rhinos players are picked from Harlequins and another Nakuru club (I know, I know, I should do my research before I write but bear with me here.).

I was supporting the Rhinos, and not just because they thrashed the Cheetahs 25-5 (I think..you can check out the results and the other teams here ). I was saying I also supported the Rhinos because of a friend who plays for the Quins.

Some people love rugby. Some love football. Others enjoy watching both, myself included. Saturday too happened to be the finals of the UEFA Champions League, a match I may not have bothered with if Mariga’s club wasn’t in the finals. Please don’t go asking who MacDonald Mariga is, but just in case check out this link. Then google him. He plays for Inter Milan now.

So Internazionale Milan was playing against Bayern Munich, and we left the RFUEA grounds to watch the match elsewhere in town. Inter won by 2-0, and I think I watched about 40% of the match. Anyway, if you’ve never heard of Mariga, at least you’ve heard of Oliech and we did run into him where we were watching the match.

So we posed for pictures and gave his manager our numbers. His manager then promised to hook us up with Mariga. Groupie club here we come!

My friend posing with Oliech

As you may have guessed, the post had nothing to do with Rugby 101, but I promise I shall give the lesson to all wanna-be rugby fans soon. Watch this space.