The Shepherd, A Christian Paper

This is my first newspaper review. Actually, my first review anything. Do people review newspapers? I am digressing. After reading about John Kiriamiti’s paper here, I became interested and when I saw it on the stands, I got myself a copy. John Kiriamiti is the guy who created the character Jack Zollo in his novels: My Life in Crime and My Life with a Criminal, Millie’s story. If you did not read these books in primary school, you may yet be helped. Look for them in the nearest bookshop. I badly wanted to be Jack Zollo.

The Shepherd is published monthly and is in the 30th issue with the June 2010 copy.

The name of the newspaper should have been clue enough, but I had flipped through almost all the pages when I realized it was mentioning God in every page. That’s when it occurred to me it’s a Christian paper, covering news in a godly/religious manner, trying to find that angle in every occurrence. Then the back page is full of these crusade announcements.

The content is there…. The articles appear well thought out and researched. I noted it must be having a few-ish because a writer almost had 5 pages of coverage. There was this article (I can’t remember who wrote it, and I forgot the paper someplace) which was talking about moral decadence in general and he complained about the Nivea ad (the one that features this delicious looking chick in white underwear), but while I agreed that our morals are decaying, I can’t complain about that billboard 😉

(Couldn’t find that pic online so here is a poor imitation!)

The newspaper is far from neutral, I fear. It all but screams NO to the new constitution, and always takes a stand on issues; the Christian stand. There was also an article about these new new churches not finding rental place in the city center and quotes that it might be the work of the devil.

Nevertheless, I found it worth the Kshs. 50. Except for one thing, there is no coverage of sports whatsoever! Does anyone know where I can get hold of John Kiriamiti? I wouldn’t mind covering sports for him, now that I have ambitions of being a sports journalist in the future.

Note: Turns out this is not John Kiriamiti’s Paper. His is called The Sharpener. Which makes all the above review erroneous.