This post is coming a bit late because of internet issues, I just hope it will still be relevant

Kibaki signs the constitution into law (promulgation) and publicly announces it (promulgation).

Photo courtsey of ombui

Seems am the only one who hasn’t done a post with/about the word promulgation and am not getting left behind. To start it, I first heard it on twitter. First of all, I looked up the word in the dictionary. Okay, am lying. That was the last thing I did. First I just kept wondering what it was and figured it had something to do with the constitution thing today.

Anyway, according to the dictionary on my phone (yeah, I got a good phone alright), the word means:

To put into effect ( a law, decree etc) especially by formal proclamation
To announce or declare officially
To make widespread

However, we Kenyans are known for our uniqueness and have found various ways to use the word. It could mean anything: Sample this conversation on FB, the intended meaning is in brackets.

Me: Sam, hebu promulgate yourself. It’s midnight. (go to sleep)

Sam: blah blah blah am watching Prince of Persia

Me: And am promulgating Fringe sn 2. (watching)

Sam: blah blah. Any new Series in campus?

Me: I’ll promulgate for you then DVD write them (search)

Sam: Okay, I’ll promulgate (wait)

Me: Promulgate then (Goodnight then)

Sam: Promie promie (nite nite)

Other Sentences (from FB or twitter). I’m going to let you figure out the meanings on your own. It should be easy.

Happy promulgation people and if you are promulgating tonight, use a condom

It’s called promulgation funga. Chips funga is so last constitution.

So the doc says am okay and can handle promulgation. I asked how many beers is the upper limit?

Heh, this Mombasa promulgation is so serious (I didn’t understand this one either)

Promulgation Anyango (baby names)

Whip cream and promulgation, hmmm…..

LOL, you just made me promulgate (er..peeing while laughing?)

We need to promulgate this thing between us

Hebu go home, GSU will promulgate your guys

Enjoy your evening. Don’t overpromulgate

Cool then, promulgate well.

Time to promulgate myself off the internet

I intend to promulgate myself some alcohol

And he said unto them, go forth and promulgate

Don’t hate, promulgate (this one actually rhymes)

I didn’t want to promulgate those silly drivers getting onto the kerb

In short, promulgate has just become the universal verb in Kenya. In other words, it can be used to replace any verb. For example, if I have used your FB status update/tweet without acknowledging you, promulgate me.