The Nokia C3: My Review

My heart is breaking because I lost the Nokia C3 I had had for barely a week. How it got lost is a story for another day.

Have you ever been in love with a phone? I thought I loved my Nokia 2700 Classic when I bought it with my own savings in December last year. It was my Christmas present. It’s a sleek, chic phone with a decent 2.0 megapixel camera, ability to support java applications, edge connection etc. however, this post is not about the 2700 which served me well for almost a year. This post is about the Nokia C3 which I’m now in love with.

The Nokia 2700 classic

Here is why I love the C3 (am comparing it to my Nokia 2700, it’s only natural).

Reason One: QWERTY keypad
I knew my next phone after the 2700 would have a QWERTY keypad. See, when you tweet a lot like I do, or when you read a lot of emails on your phone, you need to be able to type a fast response and trust me, even with the T9 prediction on, a non-qwerty keypad limits your speed. So I had in mind an E-series phone, but those are expensive. The cheapest is the E63, which goes for at least Kshs. 16, 000.

The Nokia C3

The C3 goes for Kshs. 10, 000 and that’s pretty affordable. In fact, when Nokia first launched it, it was on offer for 5K! Please Nokia, have an X-mas offer so I can buy the C3?

Reason Two: The Camera

While it’s still 2Megapixel just like my ex, its picture resolution can be as high as 1280 by 800, while the 2700 had a high resolution of 800 by 600. Coz of this, pictures appear smoother and of higher quality, so when viewed on a computer screen or any smaller screen, they look better that those of the 2700.

There’s a new snaptu version (snaptu is a mobile app for facebook, twitter, news channels etc.) available from which allows you to twitpic (post pictures on twitter) directly from your camera. This came in very handy, as previously I had to take the picture, save and upload it later with another application or via the computer. By then, it may have been overcome by events and lost its relevance, or I’d have forgotten the witty caption I had in mind. Am sure this snaptu could still work with the 2700 and other non-vga cameras but tweeting had become a blissful experience with the qwerty C3 and new snaptu. Deadly combination.

Reason Three: Limited multi-tasking

I need to warn you guys; the C3 is not a smart phone. It’s way too cheap for a smart phone really. So it does not support multi-tasking in the real sense of the word. If you were surfing on opera mini, snaptu or any other app, and you want to minimize it to make/receive a call/text, you can’t. You have to close that app first.

However, if you are using the phone browser, and you go to the menu, you can make a call/text and pretty much access the main menu. So there is limited support for multi-tasking, albeit with the phone browser. If let’s say you were using snaptu and you click on a link that opens in the phone browser, voila, you can then make calls/texts from there. Hope you find this helpful.

Reason Four: @ application

Push email. Or its equivalent. There is an app labeled @ already installed for mail. All you have to do is sign in with your yahoo/gmail or whatever mail server you use, and every time a new mail arrives, you get an alert. That way, you don’t have to keep checking your mail manually like I used to do with the 2700 (polling vs interrupts, he he. It’s a computer joke. Or analogy, rather.)

Reason Five: Ovi Store

There is a direct link to the ovi store and I admit though I resisted the idea in the first place, this is where I was on another night shopping for apps for the phone. I got the opera mini 5.1 something (the latest latest) and was still browsing for free games/apps etc when I probably fell asleep. I think the Ovi store is a great idea from Nokia. Wonder why ovi though. It’s the plural of ovum. That’s why am wondering.

Reason Six: The whole shebang

The usual expected functionalities and ports. It has a slot for a micro-SD card (memory card), micro-USB? Slot. It’s the small sized port so I didn’t have to change data cable from the 2700. The small pin charger, and the standard earphone port so you can connect the phone to multimedia speakers and play your radio/music. There is the usual video/audio/notes/to-do list/ alarm clock/calendar/countdown timer/calculator/reminders/games/extras etc. they are all there and they look nice on the large screen. Which is reason 7.

Reason Seven

I know the 2700 was small and sleek, but the C3 is a lighter and more chic phone in comparison with the E63. It has a wide screen with high resolution which makes viewing of anything on it, be it text, images, video just awesome. It also looks really great and you look quite classy typing away on it, who knows it ain’t that smart? It looks smart.

Reason Eight

Texting. Remember when you have been text chatting with someone the whole night and you want to go back and read the messages? You have to change from inbox to outbox to inbox to outbox. However, the C3 automatically marks any reply as a chat. So when you go the chat folder, you can see the back and forth messages sort of like a wall to wall, know what I mean? And now that I had subscribed to the Masaa ya SMS from Safaricom, I was enjoying text chatting so much, I had almost forgotten to tweet.

Reason Nine: The Main Screen

It has three customizable ribbons (if I can call them that. Or bands. Or sections. Sort of like shortcuts.) the first short cut is to the phone book, and you can place your favourite/most called numbers on it with their pictures for faster dialing.

The second ribbon/section/band has communities: facebook and twitter. I did sign in and it was more like a bad browser for tweeting/surfing. I did not really like it that much. However, another tweep said if you quit the communities to call/text, when you go back, you find it in the same state you left it. Kind of like an earlier paradigm of multi-tasking where they freeze the apps you are using, save the state and when you go back to them, they resume. Did I lose anyone?

The third section is more like a go-to. It has shortcuts to camera, web etc and is customizable.

Reason Ten: You Tube

I could not play you-tube clips with my 2700 no matter how many apps I downloaded. Maybe I did not try harder. I think the C3 has support for you-tube and other videos from the net, e.g. like videos posted on facebook. However, I never got the chance to try this out. Phone got lost before I could. 😦

11. Wi-Fi

I had forgotten about this one! But thanks to kirima (see comments below) who reminded me. The C3 has support for wi-fi so whenever you are in Java or any places with free wi-fi, you can browse worry free.

I only had the phone for barely a week, six days to be precise, and am sure I’d have discovered more gems with time. Sadly, it was not to be. Hope I have given you enough reason to go out and buy (me) a Nokia C3.