The Sugar Daddy

There are even sugar daddy dating websites.

I am sure you’ve heard all those stories…once our HIV?AIDS lecturer ( a very interesting guy) told us of his UoN days, how they once stoned the cars of these very much older guys who used to take their girlfriends. He also told us how they used to watch porn in the TV room, and leave with hands in their pockets…I guess to wank in the privacy of their rooms. But that’s a story for another day.

The typical sugar daddy is over 40 years old, married, and rich. Or whatever else he is, however he may look like, he must be rich.

You are likely to meet him at the workplace, because let’s face it, you and he exist in different social circles. He will be professional and helpful at first. Then he’ll suggest lunches, probably dinners. He’ll take you shopping and to expensive places. And if he’s smart, he wont ask anything of you just yet.

He will begin to offer much more…like helping you gather statistics for your project, or lending you a hand in getting ideas, and even publish your idea in some journal or other. Eventually, he’ll offer you a job. If he has influence.

He wont stop there. So now that you are going back to school after internship, and he knows you live in “those filthy hostels” as he calls them, he offers to rent you a place. He tells you to look for a house of your own choice, and he will furnish and pay the rent for it. This is the point you begin to pay because he’ll be coming for weekends at your place, after telling his wife he’s headed for a weekend conference in Nakuru.

This is the situation someone I know is going through. I asked her where her conscience was all this time, I mean the guy is married and she has a boyfriend.

Out of Africa, she replied.